Vehicle Storage

Whether you need to protect a prized vehicle or put away your car for the season, RoboVault offers an affordable and convenient solution to meet your car’s every need.  Simply drive up with your car and watch our automated storage system put it safely away in our climate controlled, CAT-5 hurricane rated facility.  All vehicles are stored at least 30 ft above sea level in a virtually dust-free area with no human access.  Call ahead to have your car ready and waiting anytime during business hours, or after hours by appointment.  Perfect for long-term or seasonal storage!

RoboVault also offers light maintenance service packages. Packages include regular battery checks, fluid level, and tire pressure inspections to ensure that your vehicle remains in peak condition throughout its stay with us.


  • Automated retrieval system specifically designed for vehicle storage
  • Ideal for long-term or seasonal storage
  • Climate controlled and virtually dust-free environment
  • Accommodate vehicles up to 236’’ (L) x 114’’ (W) x 96’’ (H), 14,000 lbs
  • CAT-5 hurricane rated with storage over 30 ft above sea level, onsite generator
  • Optional maintenance service packages available, provided by exotic and antique specialists
  • Access requires registered magnetic device, biometric scanning, pin code
  • Surveillance cameras and building alarm system
How Robovault Makes Car Storage Easy