Top 5 Reasons Why Self Storage is a Must-Have during Hurricane Season

Top 5 Reasons Why Self Storage is a Must-Have during Hurricane Season

Swirling winds. Torrential rains. Widespread outages. Structural damage. It’s only a matter of time until South Florida falls victim to another major hurricane. Will this be the year that the serious storm “drought” comes to an end? Now is the time for South Floridians to get prepared! At RoboVault, we are ready for a storm. From climate-controlled self-storage units, to top-notch vehicle storage, reserving a space in our Cat-5 facility is one of the only ways to ensure that a person’s possessions will stay safe in the event of a storm. Here are five reasons why:

1. Climate Control
When the temperature reaches extremes, RoboVault self-storage units stay cool and comfortable. Reinforced with backup generators, items are guaranteed to remain in top condition, even during power outages.

2. Built to Withstand Extreme Elements
The RoboVault structure is Category 5-rated, meaning its steel-reinforced concrete stands strong in wind gusts up to 200mph.

3. Vehicle Protection
Vintage or luxury cars are often the first items of value to sustain damage in high flood waters or heavy winds. Precious wheels stay safe and dry with state-of-the-art RoboVault vehicle storage which keeps cars off of the ground and out of harm’s way.

4. Convenient and Affordable
Self-storage units can be reserved in advance, allowing residents to avoid the last-minute scramble after finding out that a storm is on its way.

5. Peace of Mind
Knowing that possessions and valuables are already stored in a safe, secure environment when a storm is on the way allows South Floridians to worry about the safety of one thing: themselves and their families – life’s most important asset!