Five Reasons South Florida Residents Need Storage

Five Reasons South Florida Residents Need Storage

1. Accumulated Stuff
It seems like stores are stocked with more products than ever — sometimes a simple trip to a popular retailer can result in buying ‘must haves’ someone didn’t know they needed – it’s no wonder South Florida residents are running out of room in their homes. The nostalgia associated with belongings can also make it difficult to part with them — like that sweater that Grandma bought (even though it doesn’t fit) or that bassinet that once held your cuddly little baby (even though the baby is now away at college.) Sometimes it’s just necessary to hang on to more stuff than a house can accommodate. What better place to keep these treasures than in the virtually dust-free units, loaded inside weather-proof bays at RoboVault?

2. Moving
Whether you need to leave one residence before another is ready to move-in to, or you are temporarily living with a friend or family member, or are downsizing your home with the intention of scaling back up in the future, moving can present many opportunities for a person to need additional storage. Self-storage is convenient for these scenarios, as it provides a mover with the opportunity to store their items for only the time they need. RoboVault’s leases are all month-to-month, so customers can rent without a long-term contract!

3. Travel or Temporary Assignments
College students may place their belongings in storage in-between school years, or for a year while they are traveling abroad; military personnel may store furniture during a deployment; and/or a consultant may need to conduct a long-term, on-site training out of state. Storage is the perfect solution for those who know they will be in a temporary location and want to live unencumbered, but still keep their belongings for a future space. In addition, customers can take transportation out of the equation with Robovault’s free moving truck, the RoboRolls!

4. Business Purposes
Many businesses will use self-storage units as a place to store temporary or excess inventory, old documents, office furniture, and equipment. In South Florida, it’s much cheaper to rent a storage unit than to rent additional office space, especially for items that are infrequently used. From wholesalers to hospitality businesses to professional firms to contractors, renting commercial storage space is a great solution for many businesses. Plus, RoboVault’s well-appointed Conference Room, available free to customers, makes perfect office-away-from-the-office!

5. Hurricane Season
South Florida residents know how hectic it can be to get caught in the last-minute scramble after learning that a storm is on its way. Reserving a storage unit in our Cat-5 hurricane rated facility, in advance, can help ensure that vehicles, wine collections, artwork and other treasured personal items are protected from powerful hurricane winds, flooding and water damage.