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Next Level Storage

at Ground Floor Prices

Service Features

  • Delivery acceptance
  • Boxes and Packing Supplies
  • Use our moving truck, the RoboRolls, for FREE when you rent a storage unit at RoboVault! Call us for details.
  • Climate controlled and virtually dust-free environment
  • Access requires registered magnetic device, biometric scanning, pin code
  • Individual unit uizes ranging from 25 sq. ft. up to 200 sq. ft.
  • Serving all of South Florida

Self Storage

At RoboVault, we have re-imagined traditional self-storage. With no hallways, and no carts, you don't have to worry about negotiating elevators, tight doorways, and bumps in the floor while lugging your stored belongings in and out of the storage facility.

Rather, we make it easy for you - simply drive or back your moving truck or vehicle into our private loading bay, and use the wall-mounted controls to call your unit down to you. Within a couple of minutes, your unit will arrive and you can unlock your door and move your property right in or out. When you are done, just re-lock your unit and use the controls to send your belongings back into our Cat-5 rated building, for complete peace-of-mind. You can even close the door of the loading bay behind you for complete privacy.

It's like traditional Self-Storage, only much better and much easier!

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