Complete Array of Services
RoboVaultís facility is structured to safely receive, store, transfer, and ship worldwide, the precious metals bullion, certified coins and other tangible hard assets of our clients. We further complement these functions with a host of additional ancillary support services, such as:
  • Individual Product Inspections
  • Customs Clearance Assistance
  • Special Packaging
  • Audit Assistance
We provide detailed and timely transaction and data reporting to keep our clients fully apprised of all aspects of their accounts, so that they have everything they need to meet their operational and informational requirements.

Proprietary Transaction and Account Reporting
Through our special internally developed inventory control and account management system, RoboVaultís service   feature expeditious and user-friendly account reporting. We provide our clients with;
  • Detailed Transaction Confirmations
  • Itemized Inventory and Collateral Holdings Reports
  • Comprehensive Shipping Summaries
Our system is designed to automatically alert you to the status of each of your depository transactions as they are processed from start to finish. Therefore our clients always know their account and transaction status.

Additionally, RoboVault provides a host of miscellaneous support services. These include complete third-party Collateral Custody support for Lenders and Borrowers.