Precious Metals Storage at RoboVault

Rising Values, Increasing Investment & Storage Solutions
Recently prices of precious metals have increased substantially.  In periods of economic uncertainty investors are increasing their investment in precious metals.
The bull market in precious metals has encouraged a new growth industry that is providing a venue for investors to store their collection. Investors are attracted to the ownership of hard assets outside the banking system. Increasingly, investors are demanding physical possession of their precious metals, rather than just owning shares in a gold or silver related fund or a mining company.

Catering to this new breed of metals enthusiast and robust wave of investment, individuals are scrambling to find vault space to meet their needs. Many investors have traditionally kept their gold coins and bars in safe-deposit boxes or private vaults, or even stashed it under mattresses or in holes they have dug in their back yards. Some are skeptical of storing their metals with major banks in the wake of the global financial crisis. For all of these reasons a new opportunity for RoboVault has arisen.

Beginning on or before September 1st, RoboVault will begin fulfilling the need for this storage demand by becoming a “Depository.” Specifically RoboVault will receive, inspect, securely store and ship worldwide, precious metals for our clients. Relevant accounting support i.e., account deposit/withdrawal confirmations, inventory reports, and detailed shipping manifests, as well as personalized customer assistance will also be provided. In addition, security protocol will be reviewed by our certified public accountants and insurance brokers and regular internal and external audits will be conducted.

As part of our due diligence in pursuing this opportunity to provide a solution for investors, RoboVault has consulted with John Fisher of Fisher Precious Metals who states the following:  “As a national precious metals broker that specializes in physical gold and silver bullion, I have extensive experience with the storage solutions available to my clients. My experience to date with RoboVault has been personalized, professional and has exceeded my expectations in their security protocols. I am looking forward to recommending RoboVault’s precious metals storage solution to my clients because of the extensive security, audit and accounting services they plan to provide as a part of their depository offering”.

In addition, to supplement physical security and internal controls, RoboVault will maintain an “all risk” insurance coverage. The policy will be written to include all risks of physical loss and /or physical damage, including mysterious disappearance and/or unexplained loss and shortage, employee dishonesty and theft. Loss or damage from fire or hurricane is also covered.

On a final note, clients' assets stored with RoboVault will be fully allocated and considered a bailment, not a deposit or consignment. Client’s holdings are not an asset of RoboVault and, accordingly cannot be subject to the claims of any creditor of RoboVault.

Please contact us for more information about this exciting opportunity to store your precious metals at RoboVault.