Florida Advantage
Our highly strategic location is based in South Florida, immediately across from the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport.  RoboVault is readily accessible to its customers and to commercial carriers everywhere, via numerous interstate highways, rail (including Amtrak), international air, and deep-water ports.

Shipments to and from RoboVault are made quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.When securely stored at RoboVault, clients assets are always available for delivery into the world’s most vibrant commercial markets internationally, all while remaining a safe distance from the geopolitical perils known to exist today.

Florida's Tax Advantages
With your precious metal and other physical assets stored at RoboVault, you will enjoy many of the widely known tax breaks Florida offers its business constituents and local citizenry.Florida tax benefits include:·        
  • No personal income tax        
  • No personal property tax        
  • No inventory tax        
  • No commercial net worth tax
  • No tax imposed on the payment of depository insurance premiums (as is required in New York)
Note that retail coin and bullion purchases made anywhere in the United States can be made sales tax free, when those assets are shipped by the seller for credit to the buyer’s custody account at RoboVault.  Investors and commercial entities that take advantage of these benefits through RoboVault often save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.