Vehicle Storage

The joy of collecting valuable and exotic cars is enjoyed by many. Protecting those cars against theft and the elements can be difficult. Private garages and storage facilities simply donít offer the complete range of protection found at RoboVault. In addition to our sophisticated and proven robotic retrieval system that safely stores your car away from all human contact, our solid concrete and steel reinforced building construction will protect your vehicle from the elements, including Category 5 hurricanes with winds to 200 miles per hour. Our museum-quality climate controlled environment is designed to preserve your expensive paint and interiors and our air-tight building is designed to keep out dust and debris.

Call ahead and let us know when you will need to pick up your vehicle and we will have it properly staged in the vault prior to your arrival, ready for you to retrieve it.

RoboVault is conveniently located adjacent to the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, making it a perfect alternative to airport parking.

RoboVault vehicle storage clients can also select from any of our premium vehicle services, such as: periodic inspection of car batteries, fluid levels, tire pressure, operating system and vehicle warm up. These services will only be performed by highly skilled master technicians with an exceptional track record of servicing domestic, foreign, vintage and exotic vehicles.

For one car or an entire collection, RoboVault provides complete security and protection for your valuable investment. Click here to learn more about RoboVault and the different storage options.

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