High Tech Storage Facility for Gold, Silver, Automobiles, Fine Art & Antiques

Here's How It Works

RoboVault offers robotic storage for valuable possessions such as fine art, exotic cars, antiques, fine furnishings, wine, business and forensic property or smaller items such as jewelry, precious metals, currency or important documents.  RoboVault ensures a level of protection and security that is unprecedented.  With no human access to the storage areas and unparalleled security features, RoboVault provides the best defense against theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

Storage Unit Logistics
From the comfort and safety of your vehicle, input your pin number into an outdoor kiosk.  The security system identifies you and prompts the robotic system to transport your self storage module directly to you into a private and secure staging area.  Simply drive into one of seven staging areas inside the building, swipe your card, scan your fingertip and enter a pin number to gain access.  Unload or access your possessions as needed.  When finished accessing your module, the robotic system safely and quickly transports your secure module to the climate controlled storage area of the building where no one has access. 

Security features include private drive in access, biometrics, motion sensors, photoelectric beams, door contacts, networked closed circuit televisions and card access.
Module sizes include 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’. 

Vehicles Storage Logistics
Private garages and traditional automobile storage simply can’t offer the complete range of automobile storage and protection found at RoboVault.  Vehicles are protected from harmful elements in a quality climate controlled environment specifically designed to preserve the integrity of your investment.  Our facility is perfect to for antique and vintage automobile storage.

The access process is simple.  Once you gain access to the private and secure staging area, drive your vehicle onto your storage pallet.  The robotic system safely and quickly transports your vehicle to the climate controlled storage area of the building where no one has access.  When it is time to retrieve your vehicle, simply repeat the process and your vehicle is returned to you.  We also offer “Carcierge” services including periodic inspection of batteries, fluid levels and tire pressures. 

RoboVault has been endorsed as a preferred storage vendor by most of the major insurance carriers.  Clients who store their valuables at our facility may be entitled to a reduction in their insurance premiums.

proven and sophisticated robotic retrieval system transports your valuables without human assistance. Drive your vehicle into the building through one of several overhead doors into a private staging area. Using biometric and keypad recognition, the security system identifies you and prompts the robotic system to transport your storage module to the drive-in staging area.

Once you have loaded your valuable items into the storage unit and locked it, simply press the “send” button on the touch screen near you, the door will close and the robotic system safely retrieves and stores your items in a matter of seconds. The entry door you drove in through will open and you can be on your way. Simply repeat the process anytime you need to access your storage module again.  Our facility is perfect for fine art storage, gold and silver storage, and antique storage.

Should you ever need any assistance, a friendly and professional staff member is always available to help with your self storage facility needs.

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